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There are many ways to contribute to womanSong Chorale. We rely largely on community support to cover our operating expenses. womanSong is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit and all donations are fully tax deductible. WomanSong carries virtually no overhead, so over 95% of all donations go to support the music. All donations are deeply appreciated.

Does your employer have a matching gift program? We participate in those programs, allowing your donation to go twice as far! We also participate in Kroger rewards programs. If you would like to know more about supporting womanSong with rewards programs, use the email icon in the top right corner to submit a question.

All donors are acknowledged in the program of each concert.

Thank you for your support of womanSong Chorale!


If you would like to donate online, use the PayPal button below to make a secure and tax-deductible donation to womanSong.