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About womanSong

About womanSong



womanSong is committed to excellence in the performance of diverse and challenging choral literature for women's voices. The only choir of its kind in West Virginia, it educates and enriches its audience through compelling musical artistry.


womanSong was founded in 1997 by Joann Cordell. As the only major women’s chorus in West Virginia, we sing an eclectic range of repertoire, reviving and reliving our choral history through historical music, and showcasing often unknown works by female composers.

In the last twelve years, womanSong has performed at the Kennedy Center, the Greenbrier Resort, and West Virginia’s own Tamarack. womanSong has been featured at the West Virginia American Choral Director’s Association annual conference, and has collaborated with the WV Symphony on several occasions, including Holst’s The Planets.

In addition to our rich musical history, womanSong has remained committed to the greater community by volunteering time at Hospice, The Covenant House, and contributing to local food pantries.


womanSong is an auditioned community-based chorus for sopranos and altos. In addition to our voices, the individual women of womanSong bring varied talents to the group. We are twenty- somethings and sexagenarians; teachers, lawyers, nurses and retirees. Many are full-time community volunteers or busy mothers of small children. Some of us are lifelong or professional musicians. For others, womanSong has provided an opportunity to sing for the first time since college. What we have in common is our love of singing, our joy in one another’s company, and our dedication to sharing our unique repertoire with the community.